Siskon is Expanding the Staff


Siskon Automation, which operates as a technology company in the field of factory automation and process control technologies, is expanding with the investments made to its staff. The company moved to a new office due to its expanding staff and plans to hire new employees by the end of the year.

Siskon Automation General Manager Muvaffak Amasya, states their company are experts in engineering, factory automation, machine automation, data collection and process control. The company is distributor of Turkey and has partnerships for Beckhoff (Germany), SoftwareToolbox (USA), Leuze (Germany), Axiomtek (Taiwan) and the Copa Data (Austria. In addition to the products of its partner and distributor companies, Amasya stated that they use IPC, operator panel, panel PC, PLC, input and output units, servo motors, optical industrial sensors, automatic identification systems, security sensors and systems, SCADA and HMI software in their projects or sold directly.

“In all of the projects, we mainly listen to the wishes of our customers and make sure to offer the most suitable solutions to their requests. For this reason, instead of applying all of the work they can do to all customers, we offer the features that customers can use” says Amasya, and explains further “for this reason, data collection and analysis in our projects, remote access and control, software and automation solutions tailored to customer needs, machine automation, integration of systems with existing programs, training, product sales, technical support and consultancy processes are applied to some or all of them.”

Amasya reminded that they moved to a larger office in February 2010 due to 2 engineers, 9 engineers and 3 technical personnel. Amasya explains that they are looking for engineers to expand their staff and that they will add at least two other engineers by the end of the year.

“Energy is the Future”

Amasya said, Siskon Automation is working on software and hardware products that are independent from brands and models to collect data from electricity, natural gas and water meters in order to examine the energy consumption of machines with the idea that the future is in energy. Up to now, he has developed projects on the collection and reporting of data from many energy analyzers and meters. In addition to this, in line with the demands of the companies, it is working on the systems that will be integrated with the existing systems, including machine revision, process automation, he says.


Since 2004, Siskon has been exporting automation and software to many different countries, and as a result of the customer's liking, the company has a firm portfolio.

“High speed will come forward”

Amasya said that in the future, high quality and high speed automation products will be searched more in the market. The Ethercat protocol, developed by Beckhoff, working on the fastest PLC systems in the world and using the PC processor as a PLC, provides the fastest communication infrastructure ever used in the industrial environment. Leuze Electronics is also a representative company for optoelectronic sensors, automatic identification, image processing, data transfer and laser distance measurement systems. At the same time, it develops products such as light barriers and curtains, laser field scanners in the field of work and machine safety and is among the innovative and future-seeing companies in its sector. “Due to the fact that work security is increased by the law, this kind of sensor requirements will increase and its use will have a positive effect on its business potential”, he says.

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